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Nour Alhoda
اخر تحديث أغسطس 27, 2023
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First Term

” ? Theme 1 “ Who Am I

Chapter 1

All About Me

Chapter 2

Family Tree

Chapter 3

Our Community

Theme 2 : The World Around Me

Chapter 1

Our Environment

Chapter 2

Moving Around Our Environment

Chapter 3

Growing Food In The World Around Us

Chapter 4

Celebrating The World Around Us


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Nour Alhoda

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·       Graduated from Faculty of Al-Alsun , English Department Ain Shams University

·       Certificate holder of  Educational Diploma

·       TKT 'Teaching Knowledge Test

·       TEFL "Teaching English as a foreign language"

·       Talented and personable teacher with 8 years of classroom instruction experience.

·       Highly skilled in implementing specific individual assessments in lesson planning and in a variety of learning methodologies.


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